Congratulations on your engagement! The journey to saying "yes" is just the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. As you bask in the joy of your newly engaged status, it's time to start thinking about the practical steps that come with planning a wedding. Here's an in-depth guide to the essential things to do after getting engaged, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition from engagement to happily ever after.

Celebrate the Moment:

Plan an intimate celebration with your partner, friends, and family.

Consider hosting an engagement party or a dinner to share the news and relish in the love and support surrounding you.

Capture the joyous occasion with photos and videos to cherish these memories.

Share the News:

Make a list of close friends and family you want to personally inform about your engagement.

Craft a heartfelt announcement and choose a creative way to share the news, whether it's in person, over a video call, or through a beautifully designed social media post.

Get Your Ring Insured:

Protect your precious engagement ring by getting it insured.

Reach out to your insurance provider to understand the coverage options available.

Take detailed photos of the ring for documentation purposes.

Discuss Wedding Priorities:

Schedule a dedicated time to discuss wedding priorities with your partner.

Consider each other's preferences for the ceremony and reception, making note of must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Begin envisioning the style and theme of your dream wedding together.

Set a Tentative Wedding Date:

While flexibility is key, setting a tentative wedding date helps with planning.

Consider factors such as the season, any meaningful dates for you as a couple, and the availability of desired venues.

Be open to adjusting the date based on venue availability and other logistical considerations.

Create a Wedding Binder or Digital Folder:

Establish an organized system for wedding planning.

Create a physical binder or a digital folder with sections for inspiration, budgeting, guest lists, vendor contacts, and any other relevant information.

Use tools like Pinterest to collect and organize inspiration for your wedding.

Start Researching Vendors:

Begin researching and compiling a list of potential vendors.

Explore photographers, florists, caterers, and other service providers in your area.

Read reviews, check portfolios, and reach out to inquire about availability and pricing.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner:

Assess whether hiring a wedding planner aligns with your preferences and budget.

Research local wedding planners, schedule consultations, and discuss your vision for the wedding.

A wedding planner can alleviate stress and provide valuable guidance throughout the planning process.

Create a Preliminary Guest List:

Start drafting a preliminary guest list to estimate the size of your wedding.

Consider factors like family, close friends, and any specific traditions or cultural expectations.

This preliminary list will be a helpful starting point when choosing a venue and setting a budget.

Begin the Venue Search:

Research potential wedding venues based on your preferences and the estimated guest list size.

Schedule tours to see the spaces in person and ask questions about availability, pricing, and included services.

Keep notes and take pictures during venue visits to aid in decision-making.

Discuss Financials and Budgeting:

Have a candid conversation about your financial situation and set a realistic budget for the wedding.

Prioritize aspects that are most important to both of you, whether it's the venue, photography, or a particular theme.

Use budgeting tools and apps to track expenses and stay on course.

Enjoy the Engagement Bliss:

Amidst the planning, intentionally carve out time to enjoy being engaged.

Plan date nights or weekend getaways to celebrate your love and the journey ahead.

Remind yourselves of the reasons you decided to spend your lives together.


The period after getting engaged is a whirlwind of excitement and decisions. By taking these detailed steps, you can set a solid foundation for the wedding planning process. From celebrating the moment to making practical decisions, each step brings you closer to the day you say "I do." Embrace the journey, communicate openly with your partner, and relish in the anticipation of the beautiful union that awaits you. Cheers to the beginning of your happily ever after!